We Are Watching

HTGAWMI can believe the covert narrative of lynched black bodies.

I can believe the coward assassinators on roof tops far from sight.

I can believe the angry mobs hiding under white hoods.

I can believe drunk bigots raiding homes at night, burning crosses and terrorizing our families.

I can believe the racists who occupy privileged seats of power and legislate laws behind closed doors to systemically disenfranchise, criminalize and annihilate black people.

But I cannot believe the public, overt and unapologetic massacre of black bodies.

We are watching

Live streams capture Ferguson police shoot an unarmed black boy named Mike Brown;

His corpse shamefully laid in the street for 4.5 hours.

We are watching

Videos recording the NY police illegally applying a chokehold on Eric Garner;

He pleaded for his life screaming, “I can’t Breath.”

We are watching

Broadcasting of a terrorized unarmed Trayvonn Martin before he was killed by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman;

Skittles and tea outlined his dead wet black body.

We are watching

Footage rolling while rookie police instantly kill a 12 year old black boy, Tamir Rice;

He was playing outdoors when trigger-happy police decided it was game-over

We are watching

Cell phone cameras recording the LA police killing peacemaker Oscar Grant at the crowded and public Fruitvale train station;

It was New Years Eve, but the countdown ended his life.

We are watching

Pictures snapping unarmed Sean Bell who was murdered by police on the night of his batchelor party and on the night before his wedding;

Smiles captured his new beginnings but sad cries mourned his brutal death

We are watching

History books and current narratives document spectacles of white people smiling while hanging black bodies like strange fruit from poplar trees;

History repeats itself with new voices for old fights requiring new revolutions

We are watching

Black bodies die

and white murdering racists go free

We are watching

Cameras rolling

Videos going viral

Social Media handles and hashtags trending

Conversations recording

and revolutions brewing

We are watching

We are posting

We are tweeting

We are writing

We are preaching

We are protesting

We are praying

We are voting

We are resisting

Our eyes are watching God

Their eyes are watching blundered black bodies

We are watching

But we are still unseen

We are watching

until we are seen

We are watching

until there is justice

We are watching

until black bodies matter

We are watching

until the revolution is televised

We are awake, and

We are watching

We are watching

We are watching